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Bankruptcy Lawyer of AntiochFor more than 30 years, Mark A. McLaughlin has practiced Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, Eviction, and Criminal Law. Mark currently runs his own law firm, representing plaintiffs all over the Greater Bay Area. No matter the type of case or client, Mark understands legal action, emotional and stressful experiences. Thus, he makes sure to give all of his clients personalized care in order to provide them with the peace of mind that their legal concerns are being addressed competently and to their satisfaction. Mark, an experienced Northern California Lawyer has a reputation for dedication and effective legal services.

Legal disputes can be expensive and time-consuming so Mark strives to negotiate solutions whenever possible by meticulously drafting contracts to produces cost-effective results. However, if litigation becomes necessary, Mark’s 30 plus years of experience as a Northern California lawyer will be valuable to you. Mark tailors to your specific needs and financial objectives. Mark advocates for his client’s position and opinions to achieve the best possible results.

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